Study Programme Applied Sport Science

Specialisation Competitive Sport

The specialisation Competitive Sport focuses on an analysing, planning, organising and instructing activity as trainer. As qualified educational-instructional and technological-methodical organisers and managers of sports training, our graduates manage and supervise athletes and sports teams during training and competitions. 

The skills and qualifications acquired during the course of study are determined by the main activities of the future job as trainer in junior and competitive sport, as well as in competition-oriented popular sport. This also determines the study goals, curriculum and methods, as well as the distribution between content and teaching forms.  

The skills and qualifications are identified as:

  • The ability to supervise athletes individually during training and competitions, including the ability to develop leadership skills which encourage athletes to become responsible figures in sports.  
  • The ability to move confidently within the specific structures of competitive sport, which means to have knowledge of, use and help shape them.

The relationship between knowledge transfer and skills development was carefully considered in designing the course offerings. The application of knowledge and practical exercises are emphasised.

The study programme has a modular structure and specialises in four subject areas:

  • Establish, conceive and develop athletic performance and efficiency (performance and training theory)
  • Understand, plan and realise sports training on an educational-instructional and technological-methodical basis (educational theory)
  • Competition as a means and goal of training: preparing, supervising and evaluating (competition theory)
  • Recognise, foster and successfully develop talent in a target-oriented manner (teaching of long-term performance development)

The parallel license training establishes practical experience and a lasting connection to the respective state professional and umbrella associations during the course of the study programme. Sports clubs, sports associations, training centres and Olympic training centres are some of the career and job fields on offer to trainers. The integrated vocational training and in-depth study in the area of sports management leading to the qualification as sports specialist (IHK) open up further career fields in organised and independent sports to our graduates.

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