Exchange Students at the FHSMP

International exchange students have access to all the study programmes offered at the FHSMP, as well as to all courses and specialisations as long as capacity is available.

You will receive a special study plan which matches your personal requirements and learning objectives and which also contains the individually determined tuition fees. You will also study primarily in university modules which make no provision for a cooperation with a practice partner (within the framework of dual studies).

An exchange study at the FHSMP usually lasts one or two semesters. Courses will be evaluated with ECTS points and credits earned will be transferred to the home university.

Requirements for an exchange study at the FHSM include enrolment at an accredited university outside of Germany, as well as permission from the university. In addition, a good knowledge of German is required (level C1 GER), as the language of instruction for all study programmes is predominantly German.

Application for an exchange study can be submitted informally but should include a comprehensive letter of motivation which emphasises the reasons for pursuing such a study and the associated personal perspectives.

Your contact person Professor Dr. Silvester Stahl will be happy to answer any questions you may have (

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Prof. Dr. Silvester Stahl