Stays abroad

Exploring new cultures, developing language skills, becoming independent and self-sufficient – a semester, language course or internship abroad promises all this and more. International experience is becoming increasingly important for university graduates. The labour market relies on well-educated specialists and executive personnel who possess not only international – and therefore intercultural – competences but also extensive language skills. However, not only professional reasons speak for expanding one's horizon; the personal experiences associated with a stay abroad are also of immense value. In the context of the dual studies at the FHSMP, longer stays abroad are a challenge, as the students are not available to their practice partner during that period. This means that good communication with the practice partner is imperative, as well as with those persons responsible for the modules. Nevertheless, it is possible to receive financial support through the FHSMP for shorter stays (three weeks to two months), which are easier to integrate into the dual course of study.

FHSMP students can take advantage of PROMOS, a programme offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), among others, to support their stay abroad. This programme offers stipends, travel allowances, and a one-time allowance for tuition fees. Given the limited financial resources available, the number of applicants will determine the possibility to combine grants, as well as the actual amount of the grant. Stipends are awarded by the FHSMP in a quality-oriented and performance-related selection process based on the submitted application documents and a personal interview. Following the stay abroad, a final report and proof of the duration of the stay must be submitted.

Applications must be submitted by 31 March for stays until 30 June of the same year and by 31 October for stays until 31 December of the same year. Applications must include a filled-out application form with a letter of motivation and proof of admission by the host institution or previous correspondence pertaining to such.

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