Study Programme Applied Sport Science

Specialisation Movement and Sport Pedagogy

With the specialisation Movement and Sport Pedagogy, the ESAB College for Sport and Management Potsdam combines the professional fields of sport and education into a dual study programme.

Movement is one of the most original forms of expression: whether in daily life, in sports, at play, as artistic form…..the opportunities for movement are numerous and varied, and are linked to individual experiences. It is about the individual and physical experiences, which take effect during the entire life course. But movement is also a means to go out into the world, to establish contact with others and to socially communicate. The study specialisation takes this potential for education and development into account. Our graduates are expert sports academics who use this potential to plan and implement forms of movement for specific target groups.

Practical Experience and Holistic Development

Movement offers are integrated into the field of social work by taking into consideration the basic fundamentals and methods of pedagogy. The combination of theory and practice makes our graduates aware of the importance of movement in the context of holistic development, education and upbringing. The close integration of theory and practice plays a primary role in the dual study programme. The specialisation Movement and Sport Pedagogy teaches our students the skills and competences to

  • deal with heterogeneous groups and meet the diversity-conscious needs of the participants, as well as to stimulate and support individual development processes and create educational offers.
  • individually support adolescents in the development process through sport and exercise, i.e. to guide them on their way to becoming self-confident, responsible citizens.
  • be able to move confidently within the specific structures of education and upbringing, i.e. to have knowledge of, use and help shape these structures.

Structure of Specialisation

The dual study programme is divided into theoretical modules, in which the fundamentals of body and movement as well as movement pedagogy and its methods are taught. Based upon this, specific modules for developing competences are emphasised. Theory is applied to case studies, and action-oriented planning and implementation competences are discussed. The dual study programme uses the campus as learning location and the practical experience to address problems and further develop professional competences.  

Study Sequence

The dual study programme follows a 4 to 1 rhythm (4 weeks practical experience, 1 week of class sessions). Five modules must be completed per semester. The bachelor thesis will be written in semester 6 and three modules must be completed.

Individual options to receive credit for vocational training already completed (e.g. state certified educator) are possible; simply contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Career and Fields of Activity

Our graduates have access to a wide range of exciting careers:

  • Movement opportunities in early childhood and elementary education in kindergartens and after-school care centres; in youth clubs, social projects or residential groups
  • Work with senior citizens and families
  • In tourism and the leisure sector
  • In sports associations and clubs, at sports schools and centres, with professional sports teams
  • in public institutions such as universities, public offices and agencies, hospitals as well as scientific research institutions


1.) General higher education entrance qualification, technical college entrance qualification or a technical college degree in social services (educator, remedial therapist, special needs teacher or special education teacher)

2.) Practice partner (social organisation or sport-related institution) as job or internship


Bachelor of Arts – Applied Sport Science with the specialisation Movement and Sport Pedagogy

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Berufsbegleitend Sport studieren

Zum Wintersemester 2023/24 startet das Pilotprojekt "Qualifizierung von Abiturient:innen und Seiteneinsteigenden in das Unterrichtsfach Sport"

Schulpraxis und Studium kombinieren: Das Ministerium für Bildung, Jugend und Sport des Landes Brandenburg und die Fachhochschule für Sport und Management Potsdam (FHSMP) starten mit dem Beginn des Schuljahres 2023/24 ein Modellprojekt, um dem besonderen Lehrkräftebedarf im Unterrichtsfach Sport entgegen zu wirken. Die Bewerbungsfrist endet am 22. Juli.

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