Study Concept

Our dual study programmes combine a sport or business degree with commercial vocational training.

Students acquire sound, broad expertise which is applied and deepened through practical training in a company. This close connection between company and college helps dual programme students become, within a short period of time, the highly qualified specialists and executives of tomorrow.   

Bachelor Degree

Our degrees are state accredited and are therefore equivalent to bachelor degrees from public universities and other colleges. The degree qualifies graduates to use the academic title bachelor of arts (B.A.) internationally. Both study programmes are comprised of 28 study modules and 180 ECTS credits which are officially accredited by the FIBAA  and enable the degree holder to pursue a master's degree. .

IHK Degree

Through the dual study programme's internship training and the integrated content of the study modules, our students acquire the expert knowledge and practical skills required for the state certified professional degree as sports specialist and can take the relevant examination at the Potsdam Chamber of Industry and Commerce during the fifth semester.

The bachelor and IHK degrees are legally independent of each other and do not necessarily have to be obtained together. Those who do not obtain an IHK degree can still obtain a bachelor degree and vice versa; those who do not successfully complete their study programme will still receive a full degree after successful completion of the IHK examination.

Blended Learning

Studies at our university take place exclusively according to the principle of blended learning, i.e. a combination of class sessions and online work.

For this purpose, we have a special internet learning centre with secure access which offers general information on the study programme as well as extensive teaching and learning materials for the individual study modules (textbooks, online lectures, teaching videos, interactive formats, databases, homework exercises, etc.). In addition, it also serves as a communication platform and for the organisation of studies. Parallel to the online work, students will also work in partner companies for approximately 20 hours a week. 

Studies alternate regularly between approximately four weeks of independent study online in the internet learning centre and one week of on-site instruction, with courses taking place in the college's classrooms. Examinations and personal advising and guidance counselling also take place on campus. This allows for greater flexibility in the individual organisation of the study programme.

Our students come from all over the region; as such, we also offer support in finding suitable and inexpensive accommodation for those students who require housing in Potsdam during periods of on-site instruction.

Integrated DOSB Licences

As the only university nationwide under the umbrella of the Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund (DOSB), we offer our students the unique opportunity to also obtain DOSB licences as part of an integrated study programme. Depending on the specialisation and pre-qualification, our students can obtain a DOSB licence as trainer or as sport club or association manager for level C or B – at no extra cost or additional time. 

Study Projects

Study projects are an integral part of our concept and are, if possible, carried out in cooperation with our students' training organisations or other cooperation partners. They take place in different forms (individual and group projects), with different objectives (practical and research projects) and different degrees of implementation (real projects, simulation games and role plays). The various projects teach students especially about the planning and work methods typical for the profession. The scientific-theoretical examination of practical questions and problems always follows an application-oriented approach.

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