The profile of the College for Sport and Management Potsdam (FHSMP) acknowledges that the structural change in sport, its differentiation and especially its increasing socio-political importance as well as its importance in the area of health have expanded the range of tasks, responsibilities, and fields of application. These factors make new forms of problem-solving and modern solutions necessary.

The college's profile is characterised by two bachelor of arts degree programmes. One area of specialisation is possible in each degree programme:

Applied Sport Science


Athletic movement is at the centre of the graduates' professional activities under the perspectives of performance, health, observation and body experience, as well as the management of areas pertaining to sport and business.   

The bachelor degree at the FHSMP is a dual study programme. It is also possible to complete an IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Berlin) vocational training (sports specialists) during the study programme. The programme offers especially competitive and junior athletes – but also anyone interested in sports – the opportunity to optimally combine training, competitive events and studies.   

Special features of the FHSMP:

  • a consistent and systematic professional practice orientation,
  • the integration of sports association qualifications with vocational and university degrees (dual qualification)
  • implementation and study projects online (e-learning)

The organisation and didactic approach are essentially oriented towards forms and methods of project learning. Adhering to the principle of "project-based learning and studying", company management and planning activities, as well as management processes typical for the profession, are prepared, implemented and evaluated in the form of real projects, role plays and case studies using scientific findings and planning and work methods.

These learning processes are managed and controlled by the college in cooperation with businesses representing the sports, leisure and health sectors.

The project work is organised in a combination of class sessions and online learning (e-learning) in such a way as to provide students with various possibilities to individualise their studies. A specially equipped learning platform with appropriate materials, work and communication options is available to students for this purpose.

Individual Support

As a small university with less than 200 students, we are able to assure individual and specialised support. As opposed to larger universities, the College for Sport and Management Potsdam offers a very good ratio of 1 professor : 13 students. This enables us to offer our students customised support and individual advising through personal contact with our lecturers during their course of study.    

Competitive athletes enjoy special support in the form of individually customised study plans which are coordinated every six months. Special regulations exist for disabled and chronically ill students to ensure inclusivity.

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