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Study Programme Applied Sport Science

Specialisation Physiotherapy and Health Sports

The specialisation Physiotherapy and Health Sports combines the German vocational training as physiotherapist and the internationally recognised Bachelor of Arts degree to a dual study programme. In this combination of training and study, which is unique in Germany, you will acquire specialist knowledge which goes far beyond the tools required for the profession.

The dual study programme Physiotherapy and Health Sports is oriented on recommendations by the European Physiotherapy Benchmark Statements and on the legal regulations for physiotherapy training in Germany. Through competent teaching, our goal is to provide our students with broad scientific knowledge and skills for a practical career in the sports and health sectors.

Unique Combination of Theory and Practice

In addition to classical application techniques such as massage therapy, physiotherapy and skills related to training and movement theory, the curriculum also includes instruction on healthcare, prevention, biomechanics, physiotherapy technology, neurology, psychology, scientific work, and management and mathematics in medicine.

Anatomy, physiology, general and special pathology, massage, the fundamentals of hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and respiratory therapy, as well as physiotherapeutic techniques in the medical fields of surgery, orthopaedics, internal medicine and other medical subjects are taught during the course of study.

The bachelor programme Physiotherapy and Health Sports is in cooperation with the Akademie für Sozial- und Gesundheitsberufe Beelitz, an organisation affiliated with the Recura clinics.

With a combination of practical training and study periods at the university and the Akademie, the dual study programme emphasises the close link between theory and practice.

Careers and Fields of Activity

Our graduates have access to a wide range of career opportunities:

  • Prevention and rehabilitation services in medical practices, health centres and clinics
  • Preventive health sports and advisory functions in sports organisations, Olympic training centres, national training centres and large sports clubs
  • Health trainer for individual athletes and teams 
  • Self-employment (own practice)

The increased need for physiotherapists is a result not only of demographic change but also of medical-technical progress and the changing values of society. As reflective practitioners with broad professional, management, scientific and social skills and competences, our graduates can optimally respond to the changing fields of activity and individual patient needs. Thus, they are already in the position to fulfil the future European standards of quality in terms of the academisation of therapeutic professions.

Study Programme Structure

Programme duration: 8 semesters

1. Part (semester 1. - 4.): vocational training and study
2. Part (semester 5. + 6.): practical semester vocational training
3. Part (semester 7. + 8.): study and practical training (4 weeks training, 1 week study)

- 3. semester: 4-week internship
- 6. semester: final examination in physiotherapy
- 8. semester: completion of the bachelor thesis


  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Sport Science with the Specialisation Physiotherapy and Health Sports as well as
  • State certified physiotherapist

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are 390 € per month and include all study and examination fees. You can obtain further information on tuition fees and education allowances from our cooperation partner, the Akademie für Sozial- und Gesundheitsberufe.


Please note that application for the study programme is made through our education partner the Akademie für Sozial- und Gesundheitsberufe.  The application deadline may vary.


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